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Bespoke 8 day duration longcase clock made in our workshop, from  figured English oak with Norfolk whales tail pediment, mid victorian movement striking on a bell counting the hour,

with nicely engraved dial centre.


Lovely proportioned oak

eight-day clock

     Hedge  Colchester


     Standing 81‘’ high

           Circa 1800

Three train 1901 Longcase clock in super mahogany case with  9 x tubular bells

One of only 8 made for  exhibition 

stands 96" x 24" at the base  

Important Eight Day Marquetry Longcase Clock

by John Stanton of London who was apprenticed to Richard Farmer until 1691. This example of his work almost definitely is after this date as the movement shows many years of experience.

(See Brian Loomes “The early clockmakers of Great Britain” page 509)

            Circa 1695   

          standing 197cm